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The French CNT National Confederacy of Work

vendredi 17 janvier 2003

Our union is situated in a syndicalist revolutionary tradition born in the end of the XIX-th century. The scope of this trend is the social revolution, the abolition of social classes and ownership of the working tool by all the producers.

The logic of social organization defended by the CNT and set up in its structure is :
 decisions taken by the grassrouts, in general assemblies of the concerned employees ; there is no bureaucracy, of secretariat, central committee which decides on the place of the members ;
 technical mandates given for a determined duration (to members or structures), to perform the current tasks ;
 imperative mandates given for a period of necessary realization, to assume particular tasks decided by general assemblies ;
 all the mandates are revocable at any time by general assemblies ;
 The workers themselves take the decisions concerning the economic organization of the society.

Our syndicalism is independent from any political organisation, it is not the " armed arm " of an ideology, The workers themselves take in hand the organization of the society.

The CNT, in France, has developed since a dozen years. It is beginning to get a real influence in the social fights.

The international dimension is primordial, we do not think that it is possible to change really the mode of social functioning in a single point, while the capitalist organization,, is more and more globalized. To work on the international level thus allows :
 to know us better, to understand and to appreciate the other cultures ;
 to set up contacts, to make circulate the information about the various forms of exploitation and ; domination
 to bring answers in term of international solidarity to overcome our common enemies.

The interprofessional Union of press and media

It gathers all the employees of the industries of the press, the media (TV, Internet, paper Press, Radio), independently of their profession. Office workers, journalists, workers, technicians of broadcasting(audiovisual), all the employees of these industries are invited to form a trade union together. In France, indeed, there are only corporatist syndicates, which are used by the employers to isolate the employees some of the others.

It has for first objective to create sections of company called to defend the immediate interests of the employees in front of interests of the bosses, to preserve the existing rights and to conquer new. The union gives solidarity to all its members in conflict with their company.

It has for second objective to bring a critical glance on the media, on the manipulation of the information, on their concentration in the hands of more and more powerful financial interests. The perspective is to influence the editorial policies, and forward to conquer back our working tool. With regard to the public, we want to develop the critical approach of the media.

It has for third objective to work with independent media, to participate in it, to allow a free information to have a maximal audience, to allow to most people as possible to set a media activity. We think that it can not replace the "professional" press but it sets up a necessary forces of opposition.